Towed Buoy

Do you want sensations ?

NauticB offers you to live fun and delirious sliding experiences. In a lying or sitting position, come and discover unique sensations for young and old. Alone, with family or friends, you will be taken on a real merry-go-round on the water. Depending on your motivations and your wishes, we will adapt to guarantee you a real moment of pleasure. Supervised by professionals, safety is at the heart of our concerns. Quiet ride or extreme sensations, the speed and handling will be personalized according to your request so that you can fully enjoy the activity.

Are you ready for 10 minutes of fun and happiness ?
Don’t wait any longer to book your towed buoy session.
This experience will also allow you to discover the beauty of Lake Serre-Poncon in a different way.

Disc Buoy

Without a doubt, the most sensational buoy. En position allongée sur le ventre, l’effet de vitesse est garanti, en plus des sauts de vagues. When lying on your stomach, the speed effect is guaranteed, in addition to the waves jumping.

Hold on if you don’t want to end up in the water !!!

Sofa Buoy

Cette bouée est certainement la plus adaptée aux familles This buoy is certainly the most suitable for families or to discover the activity. In a seated position, it will give you laughs, delirious and will make you bounce in all directions.

It’s not the same sofa as the one you’re in while watching TV!!!

Who is the towed buoy for ?

The practice of the activity is accessible to all ages from 6 to 70 years old.
The state-certified instructor in charge of piloting will adapt his speed and driving according to your wishes. Wearing a life jacket is compulsory.
However, this activity remains a merry-go-round on the water, which means that shaking or vibrations are frequent.
The activity is not recommended for people with back problems or who have had a recent injury or surgery, as well as pregnant women.


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